Why Obamacare was (and still is) unnecessary to cover Pre-Existing Conditions

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The only problem I found with your entry was that you didn’t explain what HIRSP (High Insurance Risk Sharing Pool) means.

As far as what Wisconsin (or any other State) can do to mitigate the disaster that is ObamaCare, check out my post on Constitutional Government (https://turophiles2cents.com/constitutional-government/). On that page I explain the features of the Constitution that can be used by States to invalidate ObamaCare in their States.

Why Obamacare was unnecessary to address Pre-Existing Conditions

When Obamacare was first proposed its main stated purpose was to provide coverage to those with pre-existing conditions who could not obtain health insurance in the private insurance market.  This was highly publicized, promoted and ultimately propagandized.  Finally someone would force those evil insurance companies to cover the sick!  You might recall Obama ranting about insurance company CEO salaries and telling many  bleeding heart stories about people being denied coverage by private insurance companies. These emotional stories painted insurance companies as the bad guys and tugged at the heartstrings at millions of Americans who were duped into supporting Obamacare.

There is one thing that wasn’t talked about.  High Risk Pool Plans.  Write those 4 words down because if the Republican party is to ever successfully repeal Obamacare they will have to replace it with a provision that covers pre-existing conditions and High Risk Pool Plans should be (and most likely will be) a…

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