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Wisconsin Gubernatorial debate – Friday, May 25th, 2012

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I watched the Wisconsin Gubernatorial debate on Friday, May 25th, 2012. My overall impression of the debate was that Governor Walker spent most of his time discussing the changes he and the GOP legislature made, particularly regarding changes to public … Continue reading


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Affirmative Action is Racism straight up!

The main problem with Affirmative Action is that the achievements of the targeted minorities are devalued. For example, if you’re going to choose a lawyer and you have a choice of a white male lawyer and a minority and/or female … Continue reading

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Can you say Democrat Failure?

The Republicans, especially the Presidential contenders, should be banging the drum of Democratic failure, reminding people that most of the failures and crises of the last several decades are the direct result of Democrat policies. The Democrats controlled both houses … Continue reading

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Higher Corporate taxes lower everyone’s standard of living

Levying taxes on companies is stupid. Think about it, where does a company get it’s money?  There are three places it can get more money from to pay taxes. 1) Owners/Stockholders – This penalizes the proprietors/partners who then have less … Continue reading

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Throw Keynesian Economics on the ash heap of history

Perhaps the greatest achievement of the Obama Regime will be demonstrating the utter foolishness of Keynesian economics. For those who don’t know about Keynesian economics, it’s a theory that increased government spending boosts the economy and less government spending retards … Continue reading

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