Can you say Democrat Failure?

The Republicans, especially the Presidential contenders, should be banging the drum of Democratic failure, reminding people that most of the failures and crises of the last several decades are the direct result of Democrat policies.

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress under Democratic President Carter, see how well THAT worked out!  Economic stagnation, massive inflation (20%+ prime rate!), massive unemployment (15-20%) and general malaise.  Can you say ‘Stagflation?’  Can you say ‘Democrat Failure?’

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress when Ronald Reagan was President and it is THEY who spent the extra money the tax cuts brought in, driving the deficit up.  Remember, the tax receipts collected by the Federal government went from about $535 billion when Reagan was inaugurated to about $963 billion when Reagan left office.  For every additional dollar collected, the Democrats in Congress spent $1.85.  Can you say ‘Democrat Failure?’

The deficit was headed up for the first two years under Clinton until the Republicans took over Congress in 1994.  It was the Republicans under Speaker Newt Gingrich that balanced the budget, Clinton did nothing except sign it.  Can you say ‘Democrat Failure?’

The Democrats took over both houses of Congress in 2006 and started mucking around with the housing industry using the Community Reinvestment Act (passed under Carter) to strong-arm the mortgage banking industry and corrupting Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac which led directly to the housing crisis.  It was the Democrats in Congress that caused and exacerbated the recession that B. Hussein Obama claims to have ‘inherited’ from President Bush.  Can you say ‘Democrat Failure?’

The Democrats kept both houses of Congress in 2008 and Democrat B. Hussein Obama took over the presidency.  The result was a $787 billion dollar debt drawn on the Bank of China in the name of our children and grandchildren and a government takeover of our nation’s health care system, both of which were opposed by We the People.  Can you say ‘Democrat Failure?’

I want to see every Republican politician blaming Democrats for all their failures, every chance they get.  They certainly have more evidence on their side than the Dems do.  Can you say ‘Democrat Failure?’

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