Affirmative Action is Racism straight up!

The main problem with Affirmative Action is that the achievements of the targeted minorities are devalued.

For example, if you’re going to choose a lawyer and you have a choice of a white male lawyer and a minority and/or female lawyer you suspect may have been the recipient of Affirmative Action whether he/she knows it or not.  Which lawyer would you choose?  Obviously, the white male, not because of racism or sexism, but because you KNOW the white male didn’t receive preferential treatment.  The minority/female lawyer might very well have not benefitted at all from Affirmative Action and may well be the better lawyer, but because of Affirmative Action, his or her achievements are suspect.

It’s not fair to anyone!  Affirmative Action should be relegated to the ash heap of history.

It seems to me that the most racist organization these days is the government.  After all, who besides government gives a hoot what race someone is?  I don’t care what color you are, unless you’re blue from hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, a medical emergency).  Most Americans follow Martin Luther King’s dream and judge their fellow Americans not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

The over representation of African Americans in the prison system is widely cited as due to racism with no other proof or documentation to back it up.  The fact that African Americans commit more crimes and that each person in prison has had his/her day in court and a trial by his/her peers, if desired, is never acknowledged.

I’ve read that when criminality is contrasted with growing up in a single parent household, the racial element virtually disappears!  It is not race that determines proclivity toward criminal behavior, but growing up in a single parent household.  The fact that more African American folks have grown up in single parent households is, I believe, a consequence of our misguided welfare policies in the past, where single motherhood was rewarded and couples who stayed together were penalized.

Let’s all put an end to the government racism craziness, when asked to indicate ‘race’ on forms, check ‘other’ and write in “AMERICAN!”  If millions of us start doing that as well as refusing to identify ourselves as anything else, government won’t have any choice but to discontinue this insanity.

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