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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts writes President Obama’s political obituary

Remember how fired up freedom-loving people were when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, i.e. ObamaCare) was being debated in Congress?  I myself went to a townhall meeting with my congressman, Democrat Ron Kind, who supported ObamaCare.  I … Continue reading

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Election Fraud in Wisconsin’s recall election

There is something wrong with the election in Wisconsin.  All the Republicans won by a comfortable margin, EXCEPT ONE. The two statewide races, for Governor and Lt. Governor, had almost identical margins, 53% for the Republican incumbents and 47% for … Continue reading

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Can you say Democrat Failure?

The Republicans, especially the Presidential contenders, should be banging the drum of Democratic failure, reminding people that most of the failures and crises of the last several decades are the direct result of Democrat policies. The Democrats controlled both houses … Continue reading

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Higher Corporate taxes lower everyone’s standard of living

Levying taxes on companies is stupid. Think about it, where does a company get it’s money?  There are three places it can get more money from to pay taxes. 1) Owners/Stockholders – This penalizes the proprietors/partners who then have less … Continue reading

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