Election Fraud in Wisconsin’s recall election

There is something wrong with the election in Wisconsin.  All the Republicans won by a comfortable margin, EXCEPT ONE.

The two statewide races, for Governor and Lt. Governor, had almost identical margins, 53% for the Republican incumbents and 47% for their opponent(s).

Governor Scott Walker had two opponents, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, who got 46%, and independent Hari Trivedi, who got 1%.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch had one opponent, Professional Fire Fighters Union president Mahlon Mitchell, who got 47%.

The national media ignored or downplayed the fact that four Wisconsin State Senators were also under recall.  Only one needed to lose in order for the State Senate to flip from Republican control to Democrat control.

The Democrat/Big Labor party was desperate to take at least one race to be able to stop common sense, fiscally responsible governance and to continue the corrupt Big Government/Big Labor loop.

Three of the Senators won by comfortable margins of 14% to 22%.  Senator Terry Moulton and Senator Jerry Petrowski serve primarily rural areas in north central Wisconsin.  Senator Scott Fitzgerald serves a primarily rural area between Milwaukee and Madison.

The only Republican Senator to lose his recall race was Senator Van Wanggaard who serves a more urban district that encompasses most of Racine County in the south east corner of Wisconsin.  He lost by 779 votes out of a total of 71,731 votes cast, 1.09% of the total.

Is it possible that the Big Government Labor Unions that drove this recall committed election fraud?

Here is the audio of radio talk show host Chris Plante, who has the 9 am – noon show on WMAL in Washington, D.C. On June 5th, the day of the election.  He got a call from ‘Mike’ who had infiltrated a Union get-out-the-vote bus taking people from the Detroit area to Wisconsin to vote illegally.

The full story, including a transcript of the conversation, is on Fox Nation.

Now what Wisconsin cities are closest to Detroit by road?  Hmmm…  That would be Kenosha and Racine in the southeast corner of the state.

Is it possible that the corrupt Democrat machine in Chicago may also have had a hand in sending busses full of Union thugs to vote illegally in Wisconsin as well?  What cities might they have voted in?  Kenosha and Racine again!

Wisconsin allows election day registration to vote, with an ID and ‘proof’ of residency that can be as simple as a utility bill.  How hard would it be to ‘dummy up’ a fake utility bill with a modern laptop and a color laser printer?  Certainly a lot easier than a fake ID!  Just scan a real utility bill into your laptop, change the name and/or address and hit ‘print’!

But of course, Unions NEVER do anything illegal, unethical, or violent.

This is just a misunderstanding:
Union goons shoot up home with a mother and 8 year old daughter.

Some Wisconsin State workers don’t go along with the Big Labor Bosses’ agenda of having the State forcibly extract tributes to the Union.  Others aren’t even ashamed of using public school children to advance Union objectives.

National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and the Big Labor bosses specifically targeted Governor Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and the four pro-freedom State Senators.  Trumka even likened Gov. Walker to ‘Lucifer’ in an Esquire interview last year.

Some background on Richard Trumka:

Do you suppose a Big Labor boss that could be complicit in a murder to support Union objectives would stoop to election fraud?  Nahhh!

Besides, election fraud NEVER happens in Racine county, right?

Perhaps Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) should be investigating these curious coincidences?

If you think they should, you can contact them here or email them gab@wi.gov or see their G.A.B. Staff page for a directory.

Note: Election numbers above are based on preliminary results published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (accessed 6/9/2012)

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