ObamaCare may be self-nullifying!



ObamaCare may be at least partially self-nullifying.

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) struck down the coercive aspect of denying the States ALL Medicaid funding if they refuse to expand Medicaid according to Federal dictates. This cleared the way for the States to refuse to expand Medicaid without losing the Federal funds that they currently receive to cover part of the cost.

If the States don’t expand Medicaid, those people who would have qualified for expanded Medicaid become eligible for subsidies through the health insurance exchanges set up by ObamaCare.

These health insurance exchanges can either be set up by the States or the Federal government. If a State refuses to set up a health insurance exchange, ObamaCare empowers the Federal government to set one up in that State. Many States have not set up these exchanges, and many may refuse to do so. It seems doubtful that the Federal government will have the resources to set up exchanges in as many States as have not set up an exchange yet.

No subsidies can be offered if the Federal government sets up and operates the health insurance exchange.

It is those subsidies that trigger the employer mandate, forcing employers of 50 or more people to offer a Federally-approved health insurance policy or pay a penalty. If the subsidies are not offered because the Federal government set up the exchanges, the employer mandate does not go into effect.

It seems to me that if We the People can stop our States from expanding Medicaid and stop them from establishing State health insurance exchanges, we can effectively nullify ObamaCare, at least the employer mandate. Then our only task is to nullify or repeal the rest of the 2,700 page, freedom-destroying, monstrosity that Obama and the congressional Democrats crammed down our throats against our will.

Our task on November 6th is to




Quotes from this article:

  1. “… the high court has agreed: Congress can’t strip all Medicaid funds from states that refuse the expansion, as the ObamaCare law threatened.”
  2. “if a state doesn’t expand its Medicaid program, most of those who would’ve been eligible for Medicaid will now become eligible for subsidies through ObamaCare’s health-insurance exchanges.”
  3. “Most states have not yet set up an exchange. Many … may refuse altogether. … ObamaCare gives the feds the authority to step in, setting up and operating an exchange in any state that doesn’t set up its own — but there is reason to doubt that they have resources to do so in so many states.”
  4. “The feds can’t offer subsidies through a federally run exchange.”
  5. “It is those subsidies that trigger the penalty under ObamaCare for employers who fail to provide workers with insurance. So states that don’t set up exchanges could also escape the “employer mandate.””
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