I was right, there WAS election fraud in Wisconsin!

I was right when I speculated about election fraud in Wisconsin’s Racine County.  In my earlier post, I pointed out that Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and 3 of 4 State Senators won by comfortable margins.  In Senate District 21 (Racine County), however, Senator Van Wanggaard lost to John Lehman, probably as a result of election fraud.

Here are some links to confirm the fraud:

Here’s some on-the-ground reports from “Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine”
This is what election fraud looks like.
Election day in downtown Racine.
A Democratic Party operative illegally handing out items of value for votes!

They did catch one of the perps.
Racine man appears in court on election fraud charges

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) documents a LOT of voter fraud all over the country!  It’s not just a Wisconsin thing!

Caledonia is a small town in northern Racine County.  The local paper, the Caledonia Patch, has done some great work following this scandal.
Obama Campaign Getting Involved in Wisconsin Recall Election
More Election Snafus Reported in Racine Recall Election
 DA Forwards Voter Irregularity Complaints to Investigators
Sheriff’s Department Launches Probe Into Alleged Voting Irregularities
Opened Ballot Bags Raise More Questions in Recount
Recall Recount Day 9: Wanggaard Net Gain Still 20, Ballot Bags Still an Issue
Republicans Request GAB Involvement In Alleged Voter Irregularities

They even tabulated the vote in Caledonia,

Name Votes Percent
Scott Walker (R) 7,959 60%
Tom Barrett (D) 5.290 40%
Lt. Governor
Rebecca Kleefisch (R) 7,863 60%
Mahlon Mitchell (D) 5,283 40%
Senate – 21st District
Van Wanggaard (R) 7,755 59%
John Lehman (D) 5,405 41%

So Senator Van Wanggaard was leading his challenger by the roughly the same margin as Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch in Caledonia, but lost the election?  Doesn’t that suggest some monkey business in larger cities where people don’t know their neighbors?

In this article, Why I Asked For A Recount, What We Learned, and Why You Should Care, Senator Van Wanggaard reveals that “there were a large number of same-day registrations … In fact – more than 5% of entire population of Racine registered to vote on election day.”  The population of Racine is 81,855 people, 5% of that is 4,093 same day voter registrations. How many of those do you suppose are illegal?  According to the articles I cited above, poll workers were accepting mail addressed to ‘occupant’ as proof of residency.  How lame is that?

We clearly need to do away with same day registration in Wisconsin and anywhere else it exists.  In these days of ‘win at all costs’ politics, same day registration is a gold plated invitation to some people to violate the law and engage in election fraud.

I wish I wasn’t right about this.

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