Just say NO! to NPV

Al Gore is at it again. This time with a group that is conspiring to take away the people’s vote, at least those of us in “fly over country.”

National Popular Vote, a group of prominent left wing progressives, has a plan to subvert the Constitutional Electoral College process through state legislation. This legislation would award the Electoral votes of each state to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of where the people of the state stand.

The Electoral College is a method for selecting a President that is a compromise between the popular vote and Congress selecting the President. This compromise was crafted by the founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution. If Congress selected the President, obviously the people would have no say except through their Congressmen.

If the straight popular vote was used, the small states would have no say. Candidates could simply roll up enormous majorities in the populous (Democrat) states on the coasts and ignore the (GOP & swing) states in the middle of the country.

With the Electoral College system, every state matters, regardless of population. We the People vote as States for the President. The states are weighted according to population (more people, more electoral votes), so a state with a large population has a large number of votes, a sparsely populated state has only a few.

National Popular Vote (and Al Gore) state that the Electoral College “disenfranchises” all States except the ‘swing’ states. Al Gore said, “I’ve seen how these states are written off and ignored, and people are effectively disenfranchised in the presidential race. And I really do now think it is time to change that.” This is incorrect, every state has a say, it’s just that some states, like most of New England, California and Texas, have already made up their minds.

A candidate who knows he/she can’t win (or isn’t likely to lose) a state won’t waste his/her precious time campaigning there. This isn’t the fault of the Electoral College, if anything, it’s the fault of the voters who make up their minds early or blindly vote a party line in these states.

What could be more disenfranchising than this? If a state votes for the Democratic candidate, but the majority of the popular vote goes to the Republican, that state’s electoral votes go to the Republican. That’s what WILL happen under the National Popular Vote scheme. I can’t think of a scheme that would disenfranchise more people than this.

On the other hand, such a scheme is likely to ensure a permanent Democrat Presidency. If you think that Barack Obama is a lousy President, think what he’d be like without having to face the voters in any meaningful way. It would be the Road to Serfdom on steroids.

Perhaps that’s why Al Gore and the rest of the Progressive left are so enthralled with this anti-Constitutional scheme.

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