“Voter Fraud doesn’t happen much.” More Democrat LIES!

Rosslyn Smith wrote an excellent article for the American Thinker blog.  It illustrates what I’ve been saying for a long time.  Democrats are against Voter ID laws because they can’t win elections without cheating, except perhaps in NY, CA and a few other lefty places.

Here’s the article:

A candidate for Congress drops out the race because of a scandal and the story goes no further than the local section of the Washington Post.  I suppose it’s an improvement that the Democrat is labeled as such in both the headline and the lead paragraph but notice this.  Her wrongdoing is something the media insists is not a real problem – vote fraud.

A Maryland Democratic candidate quit her congressional race Monday after her own party told state officials that she had committed fraud by voting in both Maryland and Florida in recent elections.

Wendy Rosen, a small-business owner running against freshman Rep. Andy Harris (R) in the Eastern Shore-based 1st Congressional District, released a statement saying that “with great regret, and much sorrow” she was resigning from the contest.

“Personal issues have made this the hardest decision that I have had to make,” Rosen said

Rosen’s announcement came the same day the state Democratic party released a letter to state Attorney General Douglas Gansler and state prosecutors reporting the allegations against Rosen.

“The Maryland Democratic Party has discovered that Ms. Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006; that she in fact voted in the 2006 general election both in Florida and Maryland; and that she voted in the presidential preference primaries held in both Florida and Maryland in 2008,” wrote Yvette Lewis, the state party chair.

How many voters do what Rosen did?  Anecdotal evidence suggests the number may be substantial.  College students have the opportunity to do so.  So do individuals who own second homes.  When it is across state lines it can be hard to catch.  In this case a whistle blower seems to have informed Democrat officials of a potential October surprise in time for them to move to replace Rosen on the ballot.

A senior Maryland Democrat said the party had been tipped off this weekend by someone within the party about Rosen’s potential issue.  After checking the allegation, the party contacted Rosen on Monday morning and urged her to quit.

Local Democratic committees in the 1st district will now meet and vote on a new candidate to replace Rosen on the ballot.  The new name must be submitted to the state by Sept. 27.

I have to wonder how she was caught.  Given the rather breathless quality of her facebook page, could she have actually bragged to someone about having voted twice?

Here’s the original article: “Strictly a local problem?

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