Count the squares on Facebook


Count the squares. How many do you see? Reply in the comments.

There has been a figure posted on Facebook (and probably elsewhere) for a while with the challenge “Count the squares, how many do you see?  Post the number you found in the comments.”

This is my answer and methodology in hopes of bringing this foolishness to an end.  Frankly, I’m tired of counting squares.

One:  One

Two:  Two

Three: Three

Four: Four

Five: Five

Six, seven, eight, nine: Six, seven, eight, nine


Ten, eleven: Ten, eleven

Twelve, thirteen: Twelve, thirteen

Fourteen: Fourteen

Fifteen through thirty: Fifteen through thirty

Thirty one, thirty two: Thirty one, thirty two

Thirty three through forty: Thirty three through fourty

Plus the square that posted this silly thing in the first place … Forty one!

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