More proof of Election Fraud in Wisconsin

I had earlier speculated about the extent of election fraud in Wisconsin’s 21st Senate District.  That’s the one where Democrat Jim Lehman defeated Senator Van Wanggaard in the recent recall elections.  This single upset cost Republicans the control of Wisconsin’s State Senate.

There had been evidence before, as indicated in my earlier post, I was right, there WAS election fraud in Wisconsin!  Where I tracked down quite a few articles attesting to the fact that there was undeniably some funny business going on in Racine with the recall election.  I also called for an end to Wisconsin’s practice of same-day Voter Registration.

I just found an article posted on the Union Label blog, an excellent source of information on Big Labor shenanigans, entitled “Wisc. Union Subpoenaed in Vote Fraud Case”.  In my original article, Election Fraud in Wisconsin’s recall election, I had pointed out that Big Labor was involved and culpable for much of the election fraud that was probably going on.

The Union Lable blog article cites an article on the Media Trackers web site entitled “EXCLUSIVE: SEIU Subpoenaed In Milwaukee Vote Fraud Investigation”.  On that page, I found out that the SEIU organizer, Clarence S. Haynes, was paid a salary of $142,444 per year.  Union members, that is coming right out of your paycheck!  Do you really want to fund criminality like this?  Does it make you feel good to know your Union is using your involuntary dues to subvert our election process then tell you that “this is what Democracy looks like…”?

By the way, we do not live in a Democracy, the United States is a Constitutional Republic.  There is a BIG difference!  Here’s a video that explains the difference.

I remember back on February 19th, 2011 at the Wisconsin State Capitol, there were several thousand Union and socialist types walking around the capitol yelling “Tell me what Democracy looks like; this is what Democracy looks like…”  I couldn’t agree more, mob rule, no thanks!

Here are a few never before published pictures from that day.

Wall to wall Union supporters inside the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Wall to wall Union supporters inside the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Unions keeping it classy.

Unions keeping it classy.

Unions' socialist fellow travellers

Several of the Unions’ socialist fellow traveller groups set up tables to sell stuff and recruit members.

Anyone still doubt that Unions are socialist?

Anyone still doubt that Unions are socialist?

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