Voter Fraud doesn’t happen very often – BALONEY!

I’ve blogged three times before about the voter fraud which happened in the recent Wisconsin Recall elections.  It happens all over, every election, every time.  Here are the three articles I wrote about the election fraud happening in Wisconsin.

  1. Election Fraud in Wisconsin’s recall election
  2. I was right, there WAS election fraud in Wisconsin!
  3. More proof of Election Fraud in Wisconsin

I recently stumbled on another case of BLATANT voter fraud in New York state.  Now why would Democrats need to cheat and commit voter fraud in a deep blue state like New York?

What’s the common thread in all these cases?  The fraud was committed by Democrats!  Which party opposes sensible reforms that would make our elections more fair and less like elections in third world countries, like Voter ID?  Democrats!

Democrats routinely oppose Voter ID laws, claiming it’s disenfranchising poor, elderly and minority voters.  Even when the State law gives FREE IDs to those who claim they cannot afford to pay for one.  The experience in Kansas proves that claim to be either an outright Lie or a very bad guess, at best.

I call that BALONEY!  It’s really about shutting down Democrats’ vote fraud operations.  That’s why they oppose these common sense reforms.

If you don’t think it happens very often, or doesn’t happen in your state, I have some news for you.  The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) documents a LOT of voter fraud all over the country!  It’s not just a Wisconsin and New York thing!

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