The State of the Union speech & analysis

State of the UnionIn case you didn’t see President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress, I have posted it here:

Here are 2 analyses of the speech:

  • The Washington Post not exactly a right-wing publication finds a lot of cherry-picking among Obama’s ‘facts’.
  • Heritage a conservative think tank that does fact-based research on the issues of the day. This analysis is not especially critical of Obama, but suggests there are better ways to address the problems laid out by the President.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio gave the Republican response that I have posted here:

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul gave the Tea Party response. The only place you could see it was on the internet because the Liberal Dinosaur Media refused to cover it. I have posted it here:

In case you want to see what people on Twitter are saying about it, the hash tags #SOTU and #stateoftheunion were what they were using.

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