Did you see this in the Liberal Dinosaur Media? Probably not!

KTWO radio in Casper, Wyoming published this story on their web site.  It details one of the many instances where a good guy with a gun foiled a bad guy with a gun.

Gun Carrying Employee Thwarts Attempted Hotel Robbery

By Kevin Koile – K2 Radio – Yesterday
Quality Inn - Casper

A hotel clerk with a gun may have thwarted a robbery Friday morning (January 4th).

Investigators say just before 1:00 AM, two African American males entered the Quality Inn at the corner of North Poplar and F Streets in Casper, with their faces concealed.

One of the suspects told the clerk it was a hold-up, making a gun gesture with his hand.

The clerk then pulled a gun from her lunchbox and pointed it at the suspects, who then fled.

The suspects are described as having a thin build and the clerk did not see a weapon at the time of the incident.

Police are checking to see if there’s a connection between this incident and a similar one that happened at a hotel in Laramie earlier in the week.

This is the second time in as many months where an attempted robbery was foiled by someone else carrying a gun in the Casper area.

In December, a customer pulled a gun on a would-be robber at a nail salon.

Did you see this in ANY of the Liberal Dinosaur Media’s national coverage?  You probably won’t, it doesn’t fit their anti-Second Amendment template.  It happens far more often than you can imagine.

The national Liberal Dinosaur Media doesn’t report these things if they can help it.  The most recent one that slipped through was the mall shooting in Portland, Oregon.  They started to cover it before the ending became clear.

That was the shooting where a concealed-carry permit holder inadvertently carried his gun into the ‘gun free zone’ mall.  When he heard shooting, he pulled his own gun and confronted the shooter.  The shooter slipped around the corner and committed suicide.  As a result, there were only two deaths, one of which was the shooter.

Quite extraordinary for a mall filled with Christmas shoppers, it could have been a lot worse!  The corrupt Liberal Dinosaur Media was hoping it would be a lot worse to bolster their calls for national gun control in violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  Think about that!

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