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Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.  Here is an exposition he wrote on the Obamas that I found on Facebook.  In it he puts into words exactly what many of us have been … Continue reading

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“Voter Fraud doesn’t happen much.” More Democrat LIES!

Rosslyn Smith wrote an excellent article for the American Thinker blog.  It illustrates what I’ve been saying for a long time.  Democrats are against Voter ID laws because they can’t win elections without cheating, except perhaps in NY, CA and … Continue reading

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Unveiled: Democrats’ Racist Past

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Just say NO! to NPV

Al Gore is at it again. This time with a group that is conspiring to take away the people’s vote, at least those of us in “fly over country.” National Popular Vote, a group of prominent left wing progressives, has … Continue reading

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The Obama Scandal is at Columbia

Wayne Allyn Root wrote a wonderful article on Obama’s secrecy regarding his college records.  In  it he postulates why Obama has spent millions of dollars hiding his college transcripts.  He also offers a strategy to Gov. Mitt Romney about how … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud doesn’t happen very often – BALONEY!

I’ve blogged three times before about the voter fraud which happened in the recent Wisconsin Recall elections.  It happens all over, every election, every time.  Here are the three articles I wrote about the election fraud happening in Wisconsin. Election … Continue reading

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More proof of Election Fraud in Wisconsin

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I had earlier speculated about the extent of election fraud in Wisconsin’s 21st Senate District.  That’s the one where Democrat Jim Lehman defeated Senator Van Wanggaard in the recent recall elections.  This single upset cost Republicans the control of Wisconsin’s … Continue reading

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